Kim Kardashian Says North West Drags Their House When She’s Mad: It’s ‘So Ugly’

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Young ones say the darndest things when their dad and mom have an absurdly minimalistic aesthetic.

Kim Kardashian discovered in a current episode of Ellen Degeneres’ electronic series “Mom Confessions” that her and Kanye West’s 8-12 months-previous daughter North is not a admirer of their home’s decor.

The 40-yr-outdated fact star was questioned all through the episode, “What’s the meanest factor your little one has reported to you?” And Kardashian’s response was so humorous it appeared like a missed opportunity for a sketch through her web hosting switch on “Saturday Night Live” previous week.

“Every time I get into some type of disagreement with my daughter North, she thinks this is a dig to me: She’ll say, ‘Your home is so unappealing, it’s all white! Who life like this?’” Kardashian said.

“She just thinks it, like, will get to me, and it is variety of imply for the reason that I like my property.”

The Skims founder’s household that she shared with West has been a pop cultural punching bag ever since the former few began submitting photos of their interior, which features a monochrome white coloring, sparse decoration and a remarkably vacant vibe.

Vogue’s electronic sequence “73 Questions” also gave followers a thorough peek in Kardashian’s pad in 2019. at?v=QaZ93sibpk0

Here’s hoping that Kardashian doesn’t get also hurt when her daughter hurls insults.