Kim Kardashian Tears Up Discussing the Challenges of Co-Parenting With Kanye West

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In an episode released Sunday, Kim Kardashian was interviewed on the Angie Martinez IRL podcast and she got emotional while discussing the very public break down of her relationship with ex-husband Kanye West.

While they initially seemed to be managing their split fairly amicably, West’s behavior has become increasingly erratic. But they still have to co-parent their four children, 9-year-old daughter North, 7-year-old son Saint, 4-year-old daughter Chicago and 3-year-old son, Psalm.

“I definitely protected him and I still will in the eyes of my kids, for my kids,” said the SKIMS founder.

Kardashian has tried her best to hide news of Wests anti-semitic rants, public attacks, and other attempts to lash out as she separates her life from his.

“In my home, my kids don’t know anything that goes on, on the outside world,” Kardashian said as she began to tear up, adding, “I’m holding on by a thread, and I am so close to that not happening. But while it’s still that way, I will protect that to the end of the Earth. For as long as I can.”

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She tries to maintain positive associations with their father, and even plays his music for them in the car.

“No matter what we’re going thought or what’s happening in the world, I have to have that smile on my face, and blast his music and sing along with my kids, and act like nothing’s wrong,” she said. “And then as soon as I drop them off, I can have a good cry or… do what I got to do.”

After reflecting for a moment on her own father, the late Robert Kardashian, she lost her composure.

“It’s hard. Sh-t like co-parenting, it’s really f-cking hard,” she said. “I had the best dad. And I had the best memories and the greatest experience. And that’s all I want for my kids. As long as they can have that, that’s what I want for them. So, if they don’t know things that are being said, or what’s happening in the world, why would I ever bring that energy to them?”

She continued, “That’s real heavy, heavy grown-up sh-t. And they’re not ready to deal with it, you know? When they are, we’ll have those conversations. And I’ll be so prepared. But until then, I’ll do anything to keep their life as normal as possible.”

Kardashian and West’s divorced was finalized a month ago, and awarded them joint custody. Though the children will reside with Kardashian the majority of the time, he is promised “equal access” to them.

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