Kimmel Mocks QAnon Nuts For Their Dumbest Conspiracy Theory Yet

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Jimmy Kimmel noticed what could possibly be the craziest correct-wing conspiracy concept still: John F. Kennedy Jr. is continue to alive and prepared to lead their motion along with Donald Trump.

JFK Jr. died in a aircraft crash in 1999, but a crowd of QAnon followers gathered in Dallas, where he was supposed to expose himself at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“You’re gonna obtain this hard to imagine: He didn’t demonstrate,” Kimmel mentioned. “Can you consider how impolite that is?”

Kimmel noted another dilemma with the conspiracy principle.

“Even if he did occur, do you assume he would be in your aspect?” he requested in disbelief.

When JFK Jr. didn’t display at 12:30, the conspiracy theorists claimed he would seem that night at the Rolling Stones live performance.

“This is like Linus waiting for the Fantastic Pumpkin, but with out the allure,” he mentioned.

See more in his Tuesday evening monologue: