Kyrie Irving Could Return to the Nets Soon. A Top Jewish Leader Still Hopes to Meet Him.

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Kyrie Irving Could Return to the Nets Soon. A Top Jewish Leader Still Hopes to Meet Him.

What is the A.D.L.’s stance currently on working with Irving and the Nets, specifically given the donation that was pledged? Is it still your stance that you can’t accept that money?

I don’t know. And I just think the money becomes a distraction.

We never set the terms of his return. I had nothing to do with that. I was reached out to by the Nets and they said, “Would you be willing to meet with Kyrie?” And I said, “Of course I should meet with him,” but we didn’t set the terms for his return. At the end of the day, that’s up to the Nets and the N.B.A. and the players’ association to figure that out.

It was never about the money. It still isn’t.

What would you like to hear from Kyrie Irving?

I think it is that he is authentically committed to a process of self-education and then taking those learnings and sharing it with others.

One of the things that the Nets said publicly is that one the requirements for him to return was that he has to meet with Jewish leaders. To your knowledge, has he done that? He hasn’t met with you, but have you recommended other leaders that he should talk to?

They did ask me and I believe I have given them names.

I think it would be useful for Kyrie to meet with Jewish leaders, and he could meet with me. He certainly doesn’t have to. I don’t make the requirements here.

But I think something else that matters — that I didn’t say before about Kyrie, that is worth saying now — Kyrie Irving plays in Brooklyn. Brooklyn has one of the largest Jewish populations. It has the largest Jewish population of any of the boroughs in New York.

When he mainstreamed that film that is so hurtful, and he plays for a team where he’s got Jewish fans in the Barclays every single night, and Jewish kids like my own wearing his jerseys because he plays for Brooklyn, he’s right down the road. That’s part of what was so challenging here, too.

So to bring it to bring it back, yes. I would be willing to sit down with Kyrie this afternoon or at any point in time. I also think he needs to meet with Jewish leaders from Brooklyn.