Laundry Jets and What They Cost

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Are you tired of looking at piles of dirty clothes lying around in every room but the laundry room? Maybe you have wanted a traditional laundry chute but live in a one-level home where it isn’t possible. Or, you have a laundry chute but items coming from the second story tend to get stuck along the way. This is where laundry jets can offer a solution. In fact, you must see some of these videos that show this amazing contraption in action!

You won’t believe the power and ease behind this design—the way the clothes travel through the system is a game changer for many families. But are they worth it? Here is everything that you need to know about the laundry jet including the videos from TikTok that you will definitely have to see to believe.

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What Is a Laundry Jet?

A laundry jet is a modern laundry chute that operates with strong suction power. Since it doesn’t depend on gravity like a regular laundry chute, it can be installed in any room of the house and at any level. Depending on the model, you have the option of four to eight ports.

Another cool feature is that you could return laundry back to the room it came from if wanted with the additional return unit. The powerful vacuum suction really does a good job of getting clothes where they need to be.

Laundry Jet Models

  • Laundry Jet Plus – this is the top of the range model that includes eight ports and is installed into your custom cabinetry.
  • Laundry Jet Swift – this is the entry wall-mounted model with four ports.

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What If My Children Insert Non-Laundry Objects Through the Port?

There is no doubt that kids will find the laundry jet super intriguing and will want to test out its capability. Of course, there’s no better way than to see what a toy or shoe (or even food they don’t want to eat) will do when sucked into the laundry jet. In fact, as a child, I remember that we may or may not have found out that a regular laundry chute was good for transporting fudge from the main level of the home to the kids waiting for it in the basement. It’s just plain fun.

So what do you do to prevent unwanted objects from being sucked into the laundry jet? One easy solution is to install the ports at a height that small children can’t access. The manufacturer recommends a height of 48 inches. Furthermore, the pipe that is installed includes a hard 90-degree elbow at the entrance. If a small solid item can’t make that turn, it will get stuck before actually entering the system. Blockages can then be removed by providing back pressure to the nearest port with something like a standard leaf blower.

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Can a Laundry Jet Be Installed in an Existing Home?

Although it is always easiest to install any piping at the time of build, it is pretty easy to retrofit it into an existing home. The pipe will run from the attic to existing closet space or existing sub walls that will be convenient.

Laundry Jet Cost

It’s safe to say just from TikTok reviewers alone that a laundry jet is a game changer. However, with the cost of piping between $2,400 and $15,000 (not including install and delivery), you can decide whether or not the benefits outweigh the cost. The amount you would need to pay depends on the size and number of ports that you go with. 

If you want a personalized quote, fill out their no-obligation quote request form!

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