Britney Spears’ father’s attorneys have cornered themselves by telling the media that she can quit conservatory at any time, civil rights attorney David Henderson said Wednesday.

“Her father’s attorneys used to say that if she wanted out, all she had to do was go to court and ask,” Henderson, a former prosecutor and CNBC employee, said of Jamie Spears’ attorneys. “Well, today she went to court and asked, so you need to confirm your previous position.”

The international pop star collapsed on Wednesday in a rare court appearance via Zoom. In it, she pleaded with Supreme Court Justice Brenda Penny to end her father’s control of her life and assets after 13 years under a conservatory. She called her situation “abusive”.

Henderson told CNBC’s The News with Shepard Smith that Britney’s statements illustrate that the Conservatory is having a detrimental effect on her life.

“Conservatories for someone like Britney Spears are supposed to help them regain their independence, and from what she said it has had exactly the opposite effect on their lives,” said Henderson.

Spears also claimed she wanted to have her intrauterine device removed so she could have another baby, but her conservators would not allow it. Henderson told host Shepard Smith that a conservatory shouldn’t have the power to force a spiral.

“I think that’s one of the reasons this shouldn’t just be viewed as a case of a badly treated celebrity, it has far-reaching implications as she said she has an implant that she is not allowed to.” remove, indicating that she has no physical control over her body in ways that the restoration should not consider, “Henderson said.

Jamie Spears’ legal department did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.