Entertainment Services has released its Summer / Fall 2021 event lineup that will bring great comedians, movie stars and rock icons to the Rome Capitol Theater.

“We worked with the Capitol Theater to bring outside loan programs into the newly restored Capitol Theater,” said Bill DiPaolo, president of Entertainment Services.

Entertainment Services will rent the theater, with the rent going to the Capitol and supporting neighboring restaurants and shops.

The shows kick off on July 31st with a huge Comedy Central NY show starring Moody McCarthy from America’s Got Talent, Tavis Blunt from Kevin Harts Comedy Tour, and Josh Wilbert from Comedy Cup.

Friday the 13th Fame’s Ari Lehman and First Jason will be out on August 28th. Lehman played young Jason in the original Friday the 13th movie. There will be a screening followed by a live concert by the rock band First Jason with Lehman, and then a full meet-and-greet.

On October 8th, Whitesnake’s Joel Hoekstra and Brandon Gibbs will rock the Capitol with local artist Tyler The Band. Hoekstra is a legendary guitarist for Whitesnake, Foreigner, Night Ranger, Cher and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He will play all of his hits with Brandon Gibbs, the lead singer of Cheap Thrill and Devil City Angels.

On October 9th, All Revved Up! The ultimate meatloaf tribute show. The show offers the full experience of seeing Meatloaf live in concert, with costume changes and a full band covering all of his albums.

November 19th is the chance to see three 90s rock voices together – Anthony Corder from Tora Tora, Eric Martin from Mr. BIG and PJ Farley from Trixter, with Ben Hans on drums.

LoveSexy – The Prince Concert Experience will take place on November 20th. Viewers are promised to see Prince in concert while LoveSexy brings the live concert experience of Prince, Morris Day and The Time and Sheena E. to life.

To celebrate the upcoming Christmas season on November 27th, the performers of the Christmas story will come to town. There’ll be a chance to meet the villains Grover Dill / Yano Anaya and Scutt Farcus / Zack Ward and Flick / Scott Schwartz, the boy who sticks his tongue to the bar. Viewers watch the film, followed by a question-and-answer session with the opportunity for autographs and photos.

All tickets are available from the Rome Capitol Theater www.romecapitol.com or by calling 315-337-6277. For more information on the events, please contact Bill Di Paolo at www.entertainmentservicesny.com.