LOS ANGELES – The 200,000+ LeVar Burton Boosters who signed a petition calling it a new “Danger!” The host will see them try on the job by size.

Burton is in the final group of guest hosts for the quiz show who lost longtime host Alex Trebek to cancer last November and postponed the announcement of his successor.

Burton’s supporters took the opportunity to start an online petition for the actor, who starred in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Roots, and hosted the Reading Rainbow educational program.

In his career, Burton has “inspired and shaped the minds of generations of trivia-loving nerds,” according to the petition, which had 246,000 signatories on Wednesday.

In an email, a Burton spokeswoman said he believed the petition drive and his social media interactions with fans were factors behind the invitation to be a guest.

There was no immediate response to producer Sony Pictures Television’s request for comment.

TV presenters and journalists George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts from ABC, as well as David Faber from CNBC and sports caster Joe Buck are the other temporary presenters who will stay for a week, Sony said on Wednesday. The broadcast dates were not announced.

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