Lin-Manuel Miranda apologized after criticizing “colorism” in his new film “In the Heights”.

The 41-year-old star co-wrote the musical that formed the basis of the film. He is now responding publicly after some critics raised concerns about the lack of representatives of the Afro-Latin population in the Washington Heights area.

He took up social media and said in a statement:

“Our film this weekend has a debate about the expression of African Latinos. It’s not that the dark-skinned African Latino community feels oppressed, especially among the protagonists. all right.

“You can hear the scars and frustrations of colorism that are not yet visible in the feedback.

“Without enough dark-skinned Afro-Latino expression, this work feels like extracting the community that we wanted to express with pride and joy.”

Lin-Manuel thanked those who “raised” concerns and stated that the team “was not achieving” its goals.

He continued, “We were not enough when we tried to mosaic this fellowship. I’m really sorry.

“I learn from feedback, thank you for bringing it up and I’ll listen.”

The star who played Piragero in the film, produced it, and wrote the music for the original Broadway show recognized the need to “be responsible for our shortcomings,” but said he was very proud of the film. Said.

He added, “I try to give way to both incredible pride in the films we make and responsibility for our shortcomings.

“Thank you for your honest feedback. I promise to get better on future projects and I make sure we respect a diverse and vibrant community. Everything has to be done in learning and evolution. “

Lin-Manuel Miranda responds to In the Heights’ criticism of “Colorism” | entertainment

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