[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Lucifer Season 5, Episode 10 “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam.”]

The long-awaited musical episode Lucifer As Expected, it’s fun, emotional, and extraordinary. And it’s a shock to fans and Lucifer (Tom Ellis).

Perhaps the most important thing is the setup where everyone can sing and dance. It’s simple: God (Dennis Haysbert) He made it possible. He stays on earth, spends time with his son and especially enjoys meeting Det. Dan Espinosa (Kevin Alejandro). Your mutual… connection, we call it Charlotte / Goddess (Tricia Helfer) It will be a formidable introduction.

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“Bad game”

After a tragic conversation with Lucifer’s Det. Chloe Decker (Lauren German) the devil sings about love to the mood: Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”. It’s heartbreaking and he looks really terrible. (Chloe’s condition does not improve.)

God praises his son’s achievement (“I have forgotten the wonderful voice you were blessed with”), and he stays and sends Michael (and Ellis) back to Heaven. “Did you send him into the room?” Lucifer muttered. But he does not seek to experience the father-son connection that God wants. “What if Hell Freezes?” Lucifer proposes. painful.

“I’m dying again”

To Chloe’s delightful surprise, Lucifer accompanies Chloe on the scene. But she is confident that they will overcome the current problems and that he has the ability to be loved. Forensic scientist Ella Lopez (if they focus on their job, Aimee Garcia), Dan, Chloe, Lucifer, bystanders and even victims (umpires) begin with Queens’ fun dance number “Another One Bites the Hell”.

When Lucifer finds his father on the sidelines, he realizes why. Don’t worry, God assures him, Lucifer won’t notice him here … because there is more dance behind him. “Oh God,” says Lucifer.

When Lucifer tells Chloe who God is, Chloe walks up to him and introduces herself (even though she knows she knows who she is) and tells him, I think you were busy doing everything from earth to sun to create the universe but you know what it is feels like a working parent. Honoring my 2 cents, when it comes to Lucifer you’re confused. Important time. Will your child act, drive them out of the house and silence the radio for thousands of years? It’s mean. Regards. God likes them. Lucifer pulls it away as soon as it shows that it is a “gift” for him.

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Meanwhile Amenadiel (DB Woodside) To Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) Your baby is just a normal person. She’s glad she doesn’t have to worry about Charlie’s power, but she also finds Amenadiel disappointed that she isn’t an angel like him. Yes, angels are better than humans, says the heavenly being and offends them.

“every Breath You Take”

While Lucifer and Chloe question the students who threatened the victims, his mother begins to sing “Every Breath You Take” from the police. Lucifer joins while God looks on. It turns out that the child’s mother sent a threat, but the teenagers gave them a lead. He saw the victim arguing with a man.

When Chloe suggested solving the problem with his parents, he drew the similarities between Case and Lucifer and the devil decided to bring God into his penthouse. If they can improve the relationship, Lucifer can potentially have a relationship too.

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Kew Lucifer leads God to work and introduces him to Dan. (“He’s got a desk. If you work hard enough, one day you might reach this man’s level,” says God.) Dan hastily understood who was standing before him. Knees knees knees, hug him. “I really know who you are,” God tells him. “I think you met my wife…. See you later. Whether or not. “Embarrassing.

“Bad to the Bone” / “No Peelings”

Demon Maze (Lesley en Brandt) She takes Bounty to the train station and tries to leave him with Ella. Tokoro a, the bad guy on the bike. Ella tries to fight back and at the same time tells Maze that she thinks trying to torture herself is only an act. Maze leads George Thorogood & The Destroyers “Bad to the Bone” and Ella leads TLC’s “No Scrubs” song and dance mashup. This is the most interesting number in the main story.

When Chloe refuses to pinch during an argument between Lucifer and God over the quality of the coffee on the ward, the devil brings his father (and his cup) to Linda. Lucifer says God made them all imperfect and criticizes them for failing to meet His high standards. God denies being angry even if Lucifer drives him to hell. Sure, he has people singing and dancing, but God reminds his son that he’s involved. Linda is a little distracted by her own problem, Amenadiel’s feeling that her son is not an angel, but God has decided that he will support Lucifer (a little too much).

Lucifer Musical Episode Bad To the Bone No Peeling


For example, while Lucifer and Chloe ask a man who has argued with the victim, Lucifer does not need a cheer (“Solid authority, solve the crime like a real detective”).


During the encounter in Lux, Amenadiel suggests giving Dan space to reconcile himself with his divinity. But Dan has bigger concerns. In other words, Charlotte is the wife of God. “Did you ever have a goddess in Charlotte’s body while I was in Charlotte’s body?” Asks Dan. maybe? And is Amenadiel’s father a jealous god or is he better than something like “vengeful anger”? Since he slept with God’s wife, Dan speculated that he would definitely go to “Hell” and he sang the song of squirrel Nat Zipper. God is happy about the performance in the club. Masu.

“Just two of us”

Lucifer can only have a long father after God brings him breakfast (he has seen Lucifer’s naked body) wherever he (it’s not a big deal because I’m in the penthouse) harasses or even visits other children.

Lucifer Musical Episode Just Two Us Linda Amenadiel


And God is watching Linda and Amenadiel immerse themselves in the very sweet performance of Just the Two of Us while accompanying Charlie in the park.

Meanwhile, Lucifer and Chloe handle the case. The referee was killed not for a phone call during the game, but by his wife, who knew nothing about living with him. But can God change? Chloe believes Lucifer didn’t take enough time to make a decision, but he’s not sure.


Chloe puts her daughter Trixie (Scarlet Esteves) to sleep and then (so far) thinks about life with Lucifer. Without knowing it, Trixie looks at her face from her room and sings Nat King Cole’s “smile”. In front of Chloe’s house, God raises his hand and knocks, but leaves instead.

“I had a dream”

Then God went to his son who was finally full. “It was bad enough to refuse and take me to hell, but I had a life here, I did something good!” Lucifer tells him. “Detective, she made me vulnerable, which was horrible, but it was also amazing because for the first time in my long and desperate life I felt something. And you just look up and ruin it and throw it all away. Why? “

Lucifer Musical Episode Dreams from the God of Dreams


This leads to Les Miserables being sung. The liveliest and most honest song of the episode: “I dreamed.” “My son, the bearer of light, is so flooded with light that sometimes even you have eyes. It can get dizzy, ”says God. Lucifer wants him to stop controlling it at least like a song because he can’t fix it. “I think it’s impossible,” admits God. “My power, my son, I think I am losing control of it.” “Dad?” Lucifer sounds like a boy.

But … has God lost control of his power? Uh ah.

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