Three months have passed as the third round of the Trippy drama Manifesto begins and questions about Montego Air Flight 828 – which disappeared and returned five and a half years later – plummeted into more mysterious depths. Melissa Roxburgh, who plays the brave NYPD detective Michaela Stone, informs us:

Have the vocations changed?

Those cryptic visions and audible instructions continue, but according to Roxburgh, flight survivors “begin to share experiences and sometimes [the same] Vocations. “That happens to Michaela, her brother Ben (Josh Dallas) and his 12-year-old son Cal (Jack Messina) in the opener, which introduces a new passenger, the disturbed Angelina (Holly Taylor of the Americans).

Is flight 828 back?

The plane exploded on the tarmac in the series’ pilot – but then Ben’s finale revealed that it had exploded and crashed into the water. That’s big, she says: “It’s not just a discovery that needs to be solved and off you go.”

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Is Zeke cured?

Michaela’s new husband (Matt Long) jumped into a frozen lake to save Cal. Now Zeke’s “death date” is over and his callings have ceased. “We realize that surviving the date of death is not that easy,” she says. “Zeke is definitely not back to normal.”

Manifesto, season premiere, Thursday April 1, 8 / 7c, NBC