Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Helping Democrats Set Fundraising Records

Kevin McCarthy elevated Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), which has resulted in record fundraising for House Democrats.

The DCCC announced in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Thanks to the work of Leader Hakeem Jeffries and a united House Democratic Caucus, the DCCC announced it raised $12.7 million in February. This total breaks all previous February off-year totals by over $1 million and is the second consecutive month where the DCCC broke a fundraising record. The DCCC now has $21.3 million cash on hand.”

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Leader Jeffries is working hard, but Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans have helped Democrats with their extremism, chaos, and dysfunction. McCarthy’s decision to make Greene the face and voice of the House Republican caucus have shown the nation the right-wing extremist agenda of the House GOP.

DCCC Chair Suzan DelBene said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “With two months of inaction and chaos under their belts, voters can already see that House Republicans are incapable of governing and tackling the actual issues families face – a clear contrast to House Democrats. Thanks to the steady leadership of Hakeem Jeffries and our entire Democratic caucus, the DCCC has broken yet another fundraising record, and voters are showing they are ready to restore a House Democratic majority in 2024.”

The House Democrats have hammered home the message that Congress should be doing things to help the American people, not wasting taxpayer dollars to investigate Trump’s favorite conspiracy theories. So far, there has been zero evidence that House Republicans will be able to hold on to or expand their 4-seat majority next year.

Kevin McCarthy catered to Trump and the far right by promoting Marjorie Taylor Greene, and this decision will likely cost the GOP the House in 2024.

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