Mark Levin disgusted by politicians who ‘have politicized the science’ of COVID

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Mark Levin, host of “Lifetime, Liberty & Levin” shared his ideas Thursday on the employee shortages as a result of vaccine mandates. 

MARK LEVIN: Glimpse we have individuals who are vaccinated, a large quantity of men and women who are vaccinated, nearly 80%. We have obtained people who have pure immunity. What proportion of the 20% have natural immunity? The CDC will not inform us. Go on their site, you can not discover it. 

You can find no require for these totalitarian methods. Nurses, teachers, and other people, who’ve place their lives on the line for the previous year and a 50 %. I am telling you tyranny has no bounds … It is completely disgusting that this administration lets in unlawful aliens willy-nilly. Oh, I have an concept … why will not the illegal aliens acquire the nursing positions and the teaching positions, since evidently, they don’t have to be vaccinated. 

The framers were being so outstanding, they did not guidance democracy, they supported republicanism. Which is why we have a Declaration that talks about inalienable rights. Every little thing is not about voting, a greater part supports this, a majority supports that. Occasionally you gotta do what is ideal, and moral, and just. And what is actually becoming carried out now is not appropriate, ethical, or just. 

We have spreading herd immunity, that is a good detail. We have individuals finding vaccinated, that’s a excellent detail. The people today who are vaccinated do not have to be concerned of individuals who are not vaccinated. The politicians want us at every single other’s throats at all periods on every thing. They have politicized the science, they have politicized the virus. And I frankly am disgusted with it. I’m disgusted with all the tyranny. 

They talk about, ‘We might have a limited-term government shutdown sometime in the long term.’ You would assume the sky was falling. But if you shut down hospitals and schools, and you shut down the non-public sector … that’s a righteous matter and so be it … All over again, a double standard and I’m personally ill of it.

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