Mary Trump Explains Why Pat Cipollone Has Got Trump So Worried

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Mary Trump explained that Pat Cipollone has no reason to lie or take a bullet for her uncle, and that has got Donald Trump worried.

Video of Mary Trump:

Trump said on MSNBC’s Velshi when asked by Ali Velshi was Trump was worried about what Cipollone might say:

 Because he was in the room. He has credibility. He understands that his job was to defend the presidency say, not the person in the office. Donald also knows that Pat Cipollone, at this point, has absolutely no reason to lie or to take a bullet for Donald by covering for him. That’s one reason. 

It’s also because it’s just one more person out there confirming the stories that we have been hearing for a while now that put Donald at the center of the insurrection. I think that it’s a piece with so many other things that are going on right now, both in New York and Georgia, et cetera.

Although Donald has gotten away with everything his entire life, so, in some senses, I’m sure he feels impervious, he can’t but notice that the evidence against him is piling up. It’s being confirmed.

Pat Cipollone has no reason to lie for Donald Trump and a lot of motivation to tell the truth. Cipollone’s job had nothing to do with Trump, a concept that Trump did not understand, and Cipollone’s role was to protect the presidency.

Cipollone had nothing to gain and everything to lose by protecting  Trump. The former White House Counsel was in the room and was able to provide valuable evidence to the committee.

Mary Trump was right. Her uncle has gotten away with everything for his entire life, but this time, the evidence is piling up, and he can’t make the investigation disappear.



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