Matt Bellamy wants to become US citizen | Entertainment

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Matt Bellamy wants to become an American citizen.

The British-born Muse frontman admires the “structure” of the US political system and admitted the “chaotic and crazy” time two years ago when Donald Trump was voted out of office in favour of President Joe Biden only strengthened his appreciation for the country.

Asked if he has considered taking US citizenship, he told the Los Angeles Times newspaper: “I have. Overall, I actually think the United States’ structure is really amazing, with all the different ways to make laws at the local level. It seems like every month my wife is voting on some sort of proposition. I’m looking at that going, Wow, England is so behind on that front. We don’t ever get to vote on policy.

“The oddest thing about that late-2020 period where things in America and California seemed so chaotic and crazy was that I felt my connection deepening. There’s something going on here that is critical to what’s happening in the entire world. America has become a kind of centre point for this idea that there’s an empire on the verge of collapse, and how do we save it? Or how do we know which parts to save and which parts to let fall away?

“For some people — Dom [Howard, bandmate], to some extent — it made them want to get out. But for me it had the opposite effect. It’s everything I’m interested in, and it’s massively creatively inspiring.”

While he is looking for US citizenship, Matt recently admitted he would like to move back to the UK with Elle and their two-year-old daughter Lovella, but wouldn’t do so if former fiancee Kate Hudson and their 11-year-old son Bingham won’t relocate too.

Asked about moving back to the UK, he said: “I would like to and Elle loves it too. I need to work on the ex. It’s trying to get them both to want to come here simultaneously. It could happen one day.

“Even though I’ve lived in LA for ten years now, this is still my home. I always spend a good chunk of time in Devon as well. I was raised in the nicest place in the world.”

Matt and his family are usually joined by Kate, who also has son Ryder, 18, with ex-husband Chris Robinson and daughter Rani, three, with fiancé Danny Fujikawa, for summer breaks in the UK.

He added: “We all tend to spend summer in England together – Bing sees us both. It’s all friendly. Bing is a bit of a Californian kid as he loves surfing, skateboarding and he’s a really good artist.

“There’s loads of amazing street art, especially in Camden, so he’s walking around going, ‘This is so cool. I don’t see this in the Palisades’. “