Maya Hawke isn’t sure if she’s related to Tennessee Williams | Entertainment

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Maya Hawke does not know if she’s associated to Tennessee Williams or not.

The 23-year-aged actress is the daughter of actress Uma Thurman and actor Ethan Hawke – but she would not necessarily believe her father when he promises she’s connected to the iconic playwright.

Asked if the rumours are legitimate, Maya replied: “My dad says so. I really don’t definitely believe that it.

“But I’d like to do a Tennessee Williams enjoy some working day. I haven’t performed any theatre due to the fact college and it is top of my record.”

Maya is linked to two of Hollywood’s major names – but she’s admitted that she hasn’t seen all of her parents’ films.

In fact, the actress helps make a concerted effort to avoid any of the bleak ones.

She told the Observer newspaper: “It’s funny, I have not noticed them all.

“Often you do not really want to look at your mother having shot or your father go by unpleasant thoughts, even even though you know it’s faux. So mainly I only watch the pleased types.

“A person of my most loved movies of my mom’s is ‘The Producers’, where by she’s dancing close to staying fantastic. Which is much additional exciting to see than John Travolta jamming a needle into her heart.”

Maya really manufactured her movie debut in ‘Little Women’ together with Emily Watson.

And she has fond recollections of doing work with Emma, 31, on the 2019 drama motion picture.

She reported: “Emily Watson was unbelievably sort.

“She played Marmee and definitely was a maternal figure on that set. I remember when one scene wasn’t operating, she just held all our palms, seemed down at the floor and let out this gorgeous sing-scream. It altered the vitality in the area, which was a interesting trick.”