Michael B. Jordan admits that “there is no award that can testify to the legacy of the late Chadwick Boseman”.

The “Black Panther” star has dealt with the uproar over his co-star, who tragically died in August 2020 after a secret battle with colon cancer and not posthumously with the last weekend at the Oscars for “Ma Rainey’s Black” The prize for the best actor was awarded ‘Bottom’.

And while he admitted that “everyone felt a little” when it became known that “The Father” star Sir Anthony Hopkins was the winner, he insisted that no award was given for his “incredible work” and impact Can Keep Up Chadwick Had People’s Lives.

Michael showed up on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show and said, “I think part of everyone felt a little bit like seeing it. But you know, that’s how I feel, honestly and really, there is no award that can confirm his legacy.

“There is no victory that can take something away from the life around the world that it has influenced, its family, me too. So you need to look at the things we can control, the gifts and the blessings He has left us. “And that is this incredible work and what he stands for as a person.”

The 34-year-old actor also announced that he hadn’t seen Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom for a while because he wanted to “enjoy the moment”.

He stated, “In hindsight, this would be the last performance that people could actually see and see.

“So you kind of want to enjoy this moment. As with any of your favorite shows, you don’t want to watch the last episode, you just want to leave it as it is and in my spare time I watched it.

“It was an incredible performance man. You can see it, he gave everything he had, obviously he knew something that no one else was doing. But really powerful, really incredible, legendary, yes. “

Chadwick’s sibling Derrick spoke on behalf of the family and insisted that they not be “upset or upset” about the result of the Oscars.

He said, “I am sure [Anthony] would [wish him the best] if Chad won.

“The family is not upset or excited … every actor nominated has been excellent and deserves the award.”

He added, “The family wish Hopkins and his family all the best.”

And that an “Oscar would have been an achievement, but it was never an obsession”.