Mitch McConnell To Use The Filibuster To Blow Up The Economy With Default

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Senate Republicans, led by Sen. Mitch McConnell, prepare to use the filibuster to block Democrats from protecting against a default.

Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hi) tweeted:

It would be 1 issue for Republicans to vote no on debt ceiling, driving the financial system into oblivion. But they are heading to BLOCK THE Movement TO Carry on to even get to a vote. They are blocking us from preserving the economic system, working with, sure, you guessed correctly, the filibuster.

— Brian Schatz (@brianschatz) September 22, 2021

Republicans Just Gave Democrats The Great Argument To Kill The Filibuster.

If Republicans use the filibuster to tank the financial state, it will demonstrate to the Senate’s Democratic filibuster holdouts the position that all people else has been trying to make to them.

The filibuster is the tyranny of the Senate minority. Republicans are not using the filibuster to make sure that troubles are debated and all viewpoints are read.

In Republican hands, the filibuster is a weapon that is made use of to block development and inflict destruction.

Senators like Manchin and Sinema ought to see that by opposing killing the filibuster, they are assisting Republicans wreck a fragile financial state.

Kill the filibuster to conserve the financial state, because  Mitch McConnell is determined to lead to a world wide economic disaster, and individuals like Joe Manchin have supplied him the equipment to do it.


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