Modiphius Entertainment, known for various miniature games like Fallout: Wasteland Warrior and role-playing games like Achtung! Chtulhu has released a brand new sourcebook for their Infinity RPG. Infinity, originally a tabletop skirmish game by Corvus Belli, has now breathed new life into the field of role-playing games! The source book for this role play and the new campaign book for the setting are available in printed form in the Modiphius Entertainment web store and in PDF format on DriveThruRPG.

The cover of Paradiso, the new source book for the Infinity RPG setting launched by Modiphius Entertainment.

According to the Modiphius Entertainment press release:

The Paradiso Planet Book appeared in print for the first time and is the most comprehensive volume of information about the strange jungle planet that forms the core of the Infinity Universe. The value of Paradiso to the human sphere is unpredictable and therefore it is always worth fighting for. Fame, fame and fortune await those brave or foolhardy enough to risk the dangers of Paradiso, so equip yourself and don’t miss the next orbital elevator to arrive on the planet! The Paradiso Planet Book is a treasure trove of information about the world itself, its neighboring planets, asteroid fields, stars and Paradiso itself. New alien species, equipment, weapons and cross-planet campaign ideas are also part of the Paradiso package!

The cover of Shadow Affairs, the campaign book for the Infinity RPG setting launched by Modiphius Entertainment.

The press release also praises the campaign book Shadow Affairs:

Shadow Affairs describes an extensive campaign for the science fiction role-playing game in which characters from all walks of life gather to defend the remote Libra 5 base while vicious alien invaders launch an all-out attack. The book describes the biggest game campaign ever written and includes new maps, scenarios, side quests, NPCs, equipment and more!

Are you looking forward to the infinity RPG from Modiphius Entertainment? Have you ever played the original Corvus Belli tabletop skirmish game? Was the setting appealing to you? Let us know your thoughts and opinions on this game in the comments below!

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