‘Moving Vans in Front of Mar-a-Lago’ Jan. 18th – PoliticusUSA

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Without a doubt, experts have been on television all day pointing out the most “gravely serious,” in the words of Frank Figliuzzi, elements of the Affidavit, the “Hum-int” portion, that portion that impacts spies – loyal to the United States – around the world, and should their identity get out, would be a death sentence. No doubt, most of our attention should focus on these disturbing details. But on page 11, paragraph 30, there is a very weird detail that, for all we know, impacts every other revelation.

Boxes Containing Documents Were Transported from the White House to A-far-a-Lago

30. According to a CBS Miami article titled ”Moving Tmcks Spotted At Mar-a-Lago,” published Monday, January 18, 2021, at least two moving trucks were observed at the PREMISES on January 18, 2021

Who guarded the truck? Anyone?  Given that the next entire chapter, the next three pages, are all blacked out, clearly, the FBI believes that the documents came down in what the Miami Herald calls “two moving trucks.”

Were these intentionally anonymous moving trucks? If a president was moving personal and important stuff, wouldn’t it come down by military plane or at least a military truck? Wouldn’t it be guarded? These are the president’s things!

Unless the goal was to get this stuff out of the White House with the least amount of attention possible.

And if that was the case, if the entire point was to have two regular trucks move the boxes down to Mar-a-Lago (And remember, everything after is redacted), Trump would have thus already allowed regular old Americans with no clearance at all to handle the nation’s “crown jewels” (Andrea Mitchell’s term). Did the drivers know the importance of their cargo? Were the drivers armed? Was the cargo locked? How seriously? Was there a count of boxes, or inventory, as the truck left and when it arrived? Did the truck stay for the night somewhere? Was it guarded all night? Is it possible that foreign spies knew of the truck (hence a possible explanation)? Did Trump instruct the truck to stop along the way at a favorable spot?

The small detail, and it is small, opens up a can of worms that must be fully investigated and likely has already been fully worked up. But it gives us just a glimmer as to the seriousness of the breach.

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