Ne-Yo is to become a father for the fifth time.

Hitmaker ‘So Sick’ and his wife Crystal Smith have confirmed they are expecting their third child – a sibling to Roman (two) and Shaffer (four).

On Instagram he wrote: “Overjoyed to announce … The family is growing … # Number5 … # 5thandFinal … #BlessingsOnBlessings … @itscrystalsmith … Are you ready, baby? Let’s go! (Sic ) “

And Ne-Yo admitted that the coronavirus pandemic saved his marriage.

The 40-year-old singer announced in February 2020 that he was planning to divorce his wife, Crystal, but said the lockdown had given them time.

He said, “The whole quarantine thing was kind of a blessing. It gave me time to get back to it [my family]. Before the quarantine happened, we definitely talked about divorce, and the quarantine forced us to sit still, blocking out the noise of the world – you know the world can get very, very noisy, and we tend to think the world more mean to leave certain situations as it should. “

The couple had reached a point in their relationship where they could no longer open up to resolve their problems.

He added, “I don’t know when it happened, but we got to a place where we felt like we couldn’t just say it, you know.

“You feel something – something is going on and you know something is going on, but for some reason you can’t just come out and say it. We came to this place and it almost broke us … We ‘re now we are actually stronger than before. Now we have the feeling that we can really talk to each other. “