New York Fashion Week: Day 6

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On Sunday, Telfar, the rebellious anti-fashion-with-a-capital-F model, held a information conference to announce its most recent task, Telfar Tv set.

The 24-hour reside Tv set station will be obtainable through an application on clever TVs. The channel will not be on YouTube or Instagram, the enterprise said there will be no way to share its programming or depart feedback.

It is not yet crystal clear what that programming may be or when it will air, however that would seem to be the position: Telfar Television set is a “void,” and a “vessel” for expression by the designer Telfar Clemens and his local community.

But here’s where fans of Telfar’s enormously well known browsing baggage, the usually sold-out Bushwick Birkin, must shell out shut notice: Looking at Telfar Tv may perhaps be the finest way to rating a bag. Mr. Clemens is weary of bots — weary of the robots or persons or robotic-folks who snap up his bags only to resell them for 10 moments their authentic cost.

He is “here to take back just about every bag that the bot has stolen from us and give it right back to most people in this area,” Mr. Clemens reported.

At unannounced intervals the Tv station will air a QR code enabling viewers to shop the most recent bag fall. The fall will not be announced everywhere else. “We can drop precisely as lots of bags as people are watching,” reported Babak Radboy, the artistic director of Telfar.

This will be analyzed with a new bag form: the duffel, a buttery leather cylinder with lengthy and quick straps, imprinted with the brand’s “T” logo on its sides. Like the original Telfar procuring bag, it arrives in little, medium and massive sizes.

“Wait, who desires a person?” Mr. Clemens asked at the information convention, after rolling out black and white variations of the bags on a pedestal and unveiling them like a game show prize, eliciting cheers and grabby palms thrust in the air. “You gotta test out TC Tv.”