Portland Police release video naming an officer who shot a man

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) – The Portland Police Bureau has identified the officer who shot a man outside a motel near the Oregon Convention Center earlier this week and released video footage of the shooting. The office said in a prepared statement late Friday that Officer Curtis Brown shot the man outside Motel 6 Thursday night. The man’s name has not yet been released while police attempt to notify family members. The video showed a man sitting on an outside staircase surrounded by four paramedics and two police officers before standing up and walking towards an officer while holding an object. A few moments later he collapsed.


Richland Regatta driver dies after boat flips

RICHLAND, Washington (AP) – A rider in a Richland boat race died Friday after his seaplane fell over during the event. The Benton County Sheriff’s Office told KNDU TV that the driver was Matt Mattson from Poulsbo. He was thrown into the Columbia River when his boat overturned during the Richland Regatta. The three day event is organized by the Northwest Powerboat Association and held in Richland. Mattson drove Good Vibrations, an SE-400 boat. The boat was reportedly traveling about 90 mph when Mattson was thrown from the open cockpit. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.


“Just getting hotter”: heat wave shakes the northwest

SEATTLE (AP) – The Pacific Northwest was sultry on Friday when a historic heatwave hit Washington and Oregon, with temperatures in many areas expected to be 25 to 30 degrees above normal in the coming days. Seattle was slated to rise above 100 degrees over the weekend, and in Portland, Oregon, forecasters said the thermometer could soar to 108 degrees on Sunday, breaking an all-time record. The heat wave rocked a region that was used to mild summers, with many lacking air conditioning. Cities opened refrigeration centers, hospitals canceled vaccination clinics, baseball teams canceled games, and utilities prepared for blackouts.


Spare part helps bring chlorine plant in Longview back online

LONGVIEW, Washington (AP) – After a “major electrical outage” at Longview Westlake Chemical Company’s facility earlier this month caused a chlorine shortage on the west coast, a local company stepped in to replace the part and get the facility back online . The Daily News reports that NORPAC gave the plant a replacement transformer and production resumed on Wednesday. One device had an electrical transformer failure at the beginning of June and had to be sent in for repair. Factory officials originally assumed the plant would be offline at least until the end of June. Westlake said in a statement it will let customers know when they are receiving shipments of chlorine.


Brown: Oregon will fully reopen by June 30th

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) – Governor Kate Brown says restrictions related to COVID-19 will be lifted by June 30, or once the 70% of adults in the state are vaccinated with at least the first dose of a COVID-19 – ever whichever comes first. This means that nationwide mask requirements will be lifted in most environments and there will be no more capacity limits, required physical distancing or regional risk levels. For more than a year, Oregon has faced some of the strictest COVID-19-related safety measures and restrictions in the country – county risk levels, mask requirements inside and outside, limited gatherings, and restaurants closed for indoor dining.


EXPLANATION: Aid backlog is slowing the Oregon evacuation response

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) – The end of tenant protection on July 31st has raised concerns that thousands of Oregon residents cannot afford their monthly rent and face eviction. The state has allocated $ 200 million to help with outstanding and current rent, but an extensive backlog of requests for help has slowed the flow of money to those in need. On Tuesday, Oregon legislators passed a “Safe Harbor” amendment to interrupt evictions. Renters who are unable to pay their rent in July or August will not be evicted for 60 days after the change if they can prove to their landlord that they have applied for rent allowance.


Warm Springs Treaty turns 166: “The True Story of the West”

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) – June 25th marks a milestone. On that day in 1855, a treaty paved the way for what is now the state of Oregon and land ownership as it exists today. Louie Pitt Jr., Warm Springs Confederate Tribal Director of Government Affairs and Planning, told Oregon Public Broadcasting, “This was the real story of the West.” Throughout history, the United States has signed hundreds of treaties with tribal nations across North America. The 1855 treaty created the Warm Springs Reservation on a small portion of the tribes’ original 10 million acres. Oregon became a state in 1859, in part through the use of that land.


Police shoot, man kills in Portland, Oregon

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) – According to authorities, a Portland, Oregon police officer shot and killed a man outside a motel near the Oregon Convention Center. The police were first called to Motel 6 on Thursday evening. According to shipping reports, the first two officers were at the motel around 7:15 p.m. Portland Fire & Rescue ambulance workers were also on site when the shooting occurred. The police described the man as a white adult. They said they went to the motel for a social check but gave few other details. The man appeared to be holding a gun, Kalli Temple, who lives across the street from the motel and was watching the scene from her window, The Oregonian / OregonLive told The Oregonian / OregonLive.