Nicolas Cage to portray Dracula in Universal film ‘Renfield’

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Hollywood star Nicolas Cage will engage in Dracula in Universal’s forthcoming monster movie ”Renfield”.

The movie centres on Dracula’s henchman R M Renfield, who was a distinguished determine in author Bram Stoker’s cult basic 1897 novel.

In the guide, Renfield was a affected individual in an asylum with an obsession for ingesting blood, deluded into contemplating he would uncover immortality.

He bows at the feet of the vampire king, who feeds him bugs and rats and dangles everlasting existence in entrance of him.

In the movie, actor Nicholas Hoult will choose on the role of Renfield.

”The Tomorrow War” director Chris McKay is directing the characteristic film which is based mostly on an unique story outline from Robert Kirkman, the creator of ”The Walking Dead”.

Ryan Ridley has penned the script.

The movie, established up at Universal Photographs, will be developed by Skybound Entertainment’s Kirkman, David Alpert, Bryan Furst and Sean Furst.