Nicolle Wallace Dismantles Tucker Carlson’s 1/6 Lies With Brutal Fact Check

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Nicolle Wallace Dismantles Tucker Carlson’s 1/6 Lies With Brutal Fact Check

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace took down Tucker Carlson’s 1/6 lies while speaking about the unsafe distribute of Capitol assault propaganda.


Nicolle Wallace actuality checks Tucker Carlson and takes apart his 1/6 lies on #DeadlineWH

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 17, 2021

Carlson mentioned, “There is no evidence that white supremacists were responsible for what happened on January 6th. Which is a lie. Opposite to what you have been listening to there’s also no evidence this was a, quote, armed insurrection. Surprisingly, some of the key people today who participated on January 6th have not been charged. Search at the document. The governing administration phone calls those folks unindicted co-conspirators. What does it mean? Perhaps just about every solitary scenario they have been FBI operatives.”

Wallace responded:


We don’t amplify Tucker Carlson for no cause. You know we really do not do it often But, we demonstrate it to you today to demonstrate how risky those lies are when they are repeated on networks and displays like his and web pages a huge number of Individuals believe in as specifics. Let’s dig into all those specific remarks. There was a assert that January 6th was not an armed insurrection. Many videos and pics from the day display rioters holding a assortment of weapons, items like stun guns, pepper spray, flag poles, and four defendants have now been charged with firearms violations. 

There is also Carlson’s egregious lie that the FBI was at the rear of the capitol riot. That falsehood was quickly dispelled but it did not stop it from discovering its way into the halls of Congress, in which some Republican lawmakers repeated the fake claim. A different bogus principle unfold far and large was those people who stormed the Capitol ended up truly members of Antifa disguised Trump supporter costumes. It is a assert the FBI Director was pressured to tackle and shot down. 

Tucker Carlson is the propaganda minister for domestic terrorists.

Tucker Carlson is unsafe mainly because he is the cable news propaganda minister for domestic terrorists. It is no shock that Carlson would defend white supremacists mainly because they are some of his most devoted viewers.

The information issue. The only way that Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump will be successful in rewriting the record of 1/6 is if persons like Nicolle Wallace and each and every other American forget the details.


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