Noel Gallagher says Lockdown gave him a “beer belly”.

The former Oasis rocker was at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic and has shown that he is “getting a little fat” for doing nothing but sitting inside and drinking beer because there was little else, what could entertain him.

He said, “Actually, I’m getting a little fat. It’s all the booze. I get a little beer belly. Like everyone else, I’ve been drinking at home every night for a year, which I usually never do.

“I usually drink every night out and about and when I get home I go without it for a while and get back in shape. Or you have an evening twice a week so that you don’t drink at home.

“I drink every week. I love it, but I’ve started wearing baggy clothes, let’s put it this way. I looked at it and thought, “That’s a shame.”

“I go to the gym regularly so it can’t be that bad.”

And Noel also announced he was losing his eyesight and is considering laser surgery to correct his eyesight.

He told Matt Morgan’s “Funny How?” Podcast: “My eyes are really damn bad now. My eyesight is failing or whatever the visual term may be. It’s not as spicy as it was.

“I can’t read anything. I think you must have a certain level of wickedness to undergo laser eye surgery, and I’m about to do it right now. “

In the meantime, the 53-year-old musician has also helped his 10-year-old son Sonny look after his two tarantulas, which he bought for the boy in December.

Noel, who has Sonny and Donovan, 13, with wife Sara MacDonald as well as 21-year-old Anais with ex-wife Meg Matthews, recently said the eight-legged animals are growing steadily and admitted he’s careful about them Don’t do it don’t get too big as the cruel twos scare him.

He said, “They are about the size of a matchbook right now, nothing too spectacular. The tanks that came with them are pretty small, so I assume they won’t be the size of af *.” ***** Jack Russell. “