FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – While the dining room at Lily’s Cafe in downtown Fresno is empty, waiter Jose Ramirez says he is optimistic.

“It feels good to know that at some point we can expect things to really improve for us,” he says.

Ramirez counts down the days to June 15th.

Then the state will drop pandemic regulations and allow companies to reopen completely.

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Lily’s Cafe will soon be able to accommodate more customers.

Lunchtime is of the essence for them and the ability to reach capacity has been limited.

“A lot of them don’t want to bring their food back to work and want a break somewhere for their lunch break,” says Ramirez.

For the first time, Full Circle Brewing can give more customers access to their taproom.

You recently moved to the brewery district and haven’t used your indoor stage yet.

“This live piece of music is something that everyone has missed. I think it will be very big for us to bring it back,” says Marketing Manager Adam Band.

The return of live performances means entertainment venues can finally turn the lights on.

Fulton 55 has been closed since the pandemic.

General Manager Tony Martin is now planning to reopen.

“I’m glad that science is leading the way and enabling us to be at this stage because it has been a long way,” he says.

Martin used the free time and made various improvements to the venue.

But what excites him most is hearing the music all over again.

“We have a lot of local bands for the first month and a half, two months before we start bringing in a lot of touring acts,” he says.

Fulton 55 has scheduled its first performance on June 18th. They also plan to keep some of the pandemic procedures like hand sanitizing stations throughout the property.

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