Our New Year’s Style Resolutions

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Our New Year’s Style Resolutions

Forget “going to the gym” or “meditating.” The truest New Year’s resolutions are all about what you wear. Here’s how the GQ staff is shaking things up in 2021.

Find the right coat. The best resolutions are specific tasks you can accomplish in the precious few days when the “New Year, New You” energy is still strong. (“Sign up for a half marathon” is much better than “start running.”) So I’m keeping it concrete: Hit the after-holiday sales and finally find my perfect big, flowy wool overcoat. —Chris Cohen, wellness editor

Refine. I know my style, I know my taste, and I have my uniform. As I continue to learn more about myself in 2023, the more excited I get to refine my style to what really suits not only my body, but my personality. I’ll lead every purchase in 2023 with this question: “Does this really feel true and signature to you?” And if it does, consider the card swiped. —Anthony O’Baner Jr., Assistant to the Global Editorial Director

Follow the rabbit hole. Over the pandemic I started collecting jackets from Hai Sporting Gear, one of Issey Miyake’s diffusion lines in the ’80s and ’90s. Like the rest of his work, the clothes are… strange, resistant to western notions of what’s considered stylish. The HSG stuff is also designed to take a beating, and more to the point, it seems to fit my weird body well. With any luck, the stuff will make up most of my closet in 2023. —Chris Gayomali, articles editor

Stop buying black clothes. While putting away my wash and fold the other day, I pulled out a stack of five (5) black turtlenecks and was forced to take a serious inventory of my fiscal, sartorial, and spiritual choices. This* is not who I am!!! (*A waist-up Steve Jobs cosplayer.) My only realistic way to commit to buying more color? Shame myself right here on GQ.com. —Gabriella Paiella, staff writer

Go to a tailor. I have always found sifting through the racks of a suburban thrift store to be very meditative, which means that I own…a lot of clothing, from many eras and of varying degrees of kooky outdatedness. People I admire are always saying they get secondhand things tailored to fit them, which has always seemed very luxe—but now I’m convinced that it’s going to be the ticket to making my wardrobe full of special things I truly care about. —Eileen Cartter, style writer

Buy a really, really nice suit. My style resolution is incredibly specific: I want a great suit. I want a perfect suit. I want it from a special brand like Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Dries Van Noten, Factors, or, like, The Row!! I want to try them all on—transforming my life into one of those rom-com montage scenes—and say things like, well, I love the shoulder structure on the other one but the material on this one is so wonderfully sturdy. My wedding that got cancelled in the swell of the pandemic finally needs to come back on the calendar so I’ll have a more than good-enough excuse. —Cam Wolf, senior style writer