Owen Wilson’s Creepy ‘Cars’ Bit On ‘SNL’ Appears To Troll Rep. Matt Gaetz

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A “Saturday Evening Live” skit about an imaginary forthcoming “Cars 4” motion picture with Owen Wilson’s guide character creeping on women of all ages and teenager ladies was suspiciously evocative of one Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.).

“Back off, jackass. I was not wanting at your wife!” Wilson suggests in a studio as he rehearses traces for his animated character Lightning McQueen. “Calm down, jerkoff. I did not contact your daughter. She was coming on to me!” he reads in an additional line, which makes him visibly awkward.

“Grow up, person your sister guaranteed did,” McQueen also claims, a great deal to Wilson’s disgust.

“So, what school do you girls go to? Oh, you’re in large faculty? Could’ve fooled me!” Wilson reads in another line as he grows more and more annoyed.

McQueen also complains to a decide about a “witch hunt” — the outcome of “one negative date” — holding him out of the Piston Cup.

Gaetz is reportedly less than investigation in a federal intercourse trafficking probe inspecting no matter if he and other individuals at drug-fueled get-togethers paid out for intercourse, together with with a 17-year-outdated girl.

He has denied the accusations, and Gaetz pal Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has called the investigation a “witch hunt.”

“Wait, fellas. He’s in court?” Wilson asks in the sketch. Mikey Working day, enjoying a producer, replies: “Yeah, uh, what’s the ish?”

Wilson responds: “Well the ish is, I think Lightning McQueen is the bad man in this. It just feels like there is a good deal of him creeping on lady vehicles and then arguing with their dads and husbands and things, and it is a serious departure for the character.”

Pixar’s “Cars 3” featuring Lights McQueen with Wilson’s voice has a powerful feminist information.

Check out the online video up top to locate out what Wilson decides to do.