Paloma Faith has found that she has “next level pain” after being diagnosed with acute constipation.

The 39-year-old singer, who gave birth to her second child with Leyman Lahcine three days ago, has the disease that can make breastfeeding incredibly difficult and she has opened up to her social media followers.

Paloma posted an Instagram photo showing that she put cabbage leaves over her nipples to soothe her “rock hard breasts”. This is a popular home treatment because of the vegetables’ anti-inflammatory properties.

She shared a diary with her followers after the birth and wrote, “Day 3 and my milk came in … I was diagnosed with acute constipation.

“It means that I have too much milk and the baby is not big or strong enough to deflate and bring out. It is painful.

“The breasts are rock hard. I try massage while feeding, it hurts as much as deep tissue massage and doesn’t help much.

“Hot showers / massages / hand expressions and that poor baby are really done with the grueling hard work she has to do getting the milk out of all the puffy clogged aisles. (Sic)”

The ‘Upside Down’ hitmaker was told to “calm down”, but she admitted she was struggling at the moment.

She continued, “I was told it should settle down. Let’s hope I don’t end up in a and e with it first! This is a next level pain! Mother’s life is REAL (sic).”

At the weekend Paloma confirmed that she underwent a caesarean section as planned on Saturday (February 20th, 21) and is now the proud mother of two children.

Paloma has documented every stage of her pregnancy with her regular “pregnancy diary” updates on Instagram and confirmed on Sunday (02/21/21) that she is no longer pregnant and gave birth to the couple’s “new little cherub” after an exhaustion during the birth experience .

The singer “Only Love Can Hurt This” shared with her followers that her nipples are like “baby piranha that wants to kill me” as she admitted she’s not sure if she’s breastfeeding the newborn like hers Firstborn can endure.

She wrote, “I don’t know if I will put up with it this time … but I’ll try anyway.

“And my nipples are burning. I’ve lost a liter of blood and in so much pain despite the painkillers. (Sic)”