Paul Burrell has refuted claims that the late Princess of Wales was “unstable” or a “loose cannon” after leaving the British royal family and insisting “she was none of those things”.

The 62-year-old former royal butler appeared on Good Morning Britain television to discuss the aftermath of the recent decisions on Princess Diana’s controversial 1995 BBC interview with Martin Bashir, three years after she separated from her husband Prince Charles had divorced the couple in 1992 and the couple finally divorced in 1996 – and he was convinced that she had no regrets about the television interview, even though it showed a woman who was “hurt” and “pouring out her heart.”

He said, “I can’t see, I can’t see her pouring out her heart. This is a woman who is hurt. You can see that you can hear her words.”

“But don’t disregard it, don’t say it was unstable like other people say. There are people out there who say she was unstable, unreliable, insecure, that she was a loose cannon. She wasn’t one of those things, she was informed. “

Last week, former Supreme Court Justice Lord Dyson completed his independent investigation into the “Panorama” interview, stating that Bashir had used fake bank statements to secure access to Princess Diana and that the BBC was “totally ineffective” was to get to the bottom of his wrongdoing at the time.

Dyson’s investigation also found that Bashir “fooled” his way into the interview that made his name, while the BBC “failed to meet the high standards of integrity and transparency that are its hallmark”.

Following the report’s findings, BBC Director General Tim Davie said in a statement: “Although the report states that Diana, Princess of Wales, was interested in the idea of ​​an interview with the BBC, it is clear that the process of securing the interview fell far short of what the audience can expect. We are very sorry. Lord Dyson has identified clear shortcomings.

“While today’s BBC has significantly better processes and procedures, the ones that existed at the time should have prevented the interview from being secured in this way. The BBC should have made a greater effort to get to the bottom of what was going on at the time and to be more transparent about what it knew. While the BBC cannot turn back the clock after a quarter of a century, we can apologize completely and unconditionally. The BBC is offering that today. “

Bashir has also acknowledged his error of judgment in his own testimony.

He said, “This is the second time I have willingly and fully participated in an incident investigation more than 25 years ago. I apologized then, and I’m doing it again, because I asked for bank statements to be mocked. It was a stupid thing and an act that I deeply regret. But I absolutely stand by the evidence I gave again a quarter of a century ago and more recently. “

In response to the results, the BBC has agreed to return the BAFTA it won at the 1996 Best TV Talk Show Ceremony for “Panoramic Interview with HRH The Princess of Wales”.