Paul Kim Officially Signs With New Agency

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Singer Paul Kim has officially signed with a new label following his recent departure from Neuron Music.

On March 6, the birth of the new label Whyes Entertainment was announced alongside the news that Paul Kim finalized his exclusive contract with them.

Whyes Entertainment gets its name from the combination of the words “why” and “yes,” inspired by the motto, “Why not?” The name captures the idea of making decisions without regret, embracing various ideas and free thinking alongside logic and intuition.

An official from Whyes Entertainment said, “We want to create a process that we can be satisfied with when we look back from the distant future. Both excitement and worry always coexist when it comes to new challenges. Rather than perfection, we are pursuing excellence, and we want to present you with good and diverse music.”

They also added, “Please look forward to and support Paul Kim’s future activities.”

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