Prosecutors Tell Trump’s Legal Team He Is a Target of Investigation

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In a shocking turn of events, reports have emerged that President Trump’s legal team has been informed by prosecutors that he is a target of the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election. This is a significant development in the investigation, which has been going on for over a year and has already resulted in numerous indictments and plea deals.

The news comes as a result of a meeting between the special counsel, Robert Mueller’s, team and the President’s lawyers. According to sources, the prosecutors told the President’s legal team that they consider Trump to be a subject of the investigation, meaning that they believe there is evidence linking him to a specific crime. This is a step up from being a mere witness or person of interest in the investigation.

This revelation comes after months of speculation about the President’s potential involvement in the investigation. Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion with Russia, often referring to the investigation as a witch hunt, but the latest news will be difficult for him to ignore.

It is worth noting that being a target of an investigation does not necessarily mean that criminal charges will be filed. However, it does mean that prosecutors believe that there is evidence of a crime and that Trump may ultimately face charges. It is also possible that Mueller may issue a report on his findings even if criminal charges are not filed.

The news has sparked a flurry of reactions from both sides of the political aisle, with many Democrats and some Republicans calling for Trump to sit down for an interview with Mueller’s team. There are concerns, however, that such an interview could lead to a perjury trap if the President were to lie under oath.

There are also concerns that Trump may try to interfere with the investigation in some way, either by issuing pardons to those who have been charged or by trying to fire Mueller himself. Trump has already come under fire for his apparent attempts to obstruct justice, including the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

It is unclear exactly what evidence the prosecutors have that links Trump to a specific crime, but many suspect that it may have to do with potential collusion with the Russian government. Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion with Russia, but there have been numerous reports of contacts between members of his campaign and Russian officials.

There is also the question of whether Trump obstructed justice by trying to interfere with the investigation. This could prove to be a difficult case to make as obstruction of justice requires proving corrupt intent, but the President’s own words and actions could make this a possibility.

Whatever the outcome of the investigation, it is clear that this latest development is a significant blow to the President and his administration. The investigation has already resulted in numerous indictments and guilty pleas, and it seems likely that more charges will be filed in the coming months.

As the investigation continues to unfold, it is important for all Americans to stay informed and engaged. This is a crucial moment in our country’s history, and it is up to us as citizens to hold our elected officials accountable and demand that justice be served.