Putin continuing to wage war on Ukraine because of Biden’s ‘weakness on the world stage’: GOP lawmaker

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Rep. Byron Donalds partially blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine on President Biden’s “weakness on the world stage” Saturday on “Cross Country.”

REP. BYRON DONALDS: Joe Biden has been leading from behind and frankly not leading at all when it comes to the Russian incursion into Ukraine. People need to remember: Joe Biden’s White House wanted Volodymyr Zelenskyy to get on the airplane and leave Ukraine. It was Volodymyr Zelenskyy [who] told the White House, “I’m not leaving. Just give me ammo.” And so what we have seen in the United States is weakness on the world stage. Vladimir Putin knows this, and that’s why he’s continuing his offensive in spite of the valiant resistance from the Ukrainian people. 

Here’s the key important point. Going back before Feb. 24 when Russia invaded Ukraine, there was a time period of about four months [when] Joe Biden could have supplied the Ukrainians with the armaments that they have been requesting for quite some time. He did not do that. He was more concerned about Build Back Better — and frankly, his crazy agenda, which has failed in the United States — than making sure the Ukrainians had the weapons they need to defend themselves against this Russian onslaught. So that’s why I say you will see BoJo — Boris Johnson — but you won’t see Joe Biden, because Boris Johnson understands that if Ukraine falls, it’s a major issue for Europe. They want to make sure they do everything they can. Joe Biden has been late to the game on everything, and he has been wrong at every single point. It’s no shock to me why he’s not there in Ukraine right now.