Researchers At Walter Reed To Announce Vaccine That Is Effective Against COVID And All Variants

A big breakthrough on the coronavirus pandemic could be coming in weeks as researchers at Walter Reed will announce a new vaccine that is effective against COVID and all variants.

Defense One reported:

Within weeks, scientists at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research expect to announce that they have developed a vaccine that is effective against COVID-19 and all its variants, even Omicron, as well as from previous SARS-origin viruses that have killed millions of people worldwide. 

The achievement is the result of almost two years of work on the virus. The Army lab received its first DNA sequencing of the COVID-19 virus in early 2020. Very early on, Walter Reed’s infectious diseases branch decided to focus on making a vaccine that would work against not just the existing strain but all of its potential variants as well.

The vaccine still needs to be tested on people who have gotten vaccinated, or have gotten COVID, but this is a huge step.

A universal vaccine that could protect against current and future variants would be a game-changer in the pandemic.

The problem of getting people to take the vaccine will remain as long as it is optional, but the good news is that the potential end of the pandemic could be closer than anyone imagined.

Life may yet return to normal, and that could be the best holiday gift that the world could ever want.














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