Ridgeland golf venue plan expands

Ridgeland Golf Venue Plan Expands: A Game-Changer For Golfers

If you’re a golfer, then you know that finding the perfect venue is as important as playing the sport itself. The Ridgeland golf venue in Mississippi has been attracting golf enthusiasts for years, and now it’s set to become even more popular. The Ridgeland Tourism Commission (RTC) recently announced a multi-million-dollar plan to expand the existing golf venue, adding world-class amenities and increasing its overall size. This expansion is set to make Ridgeland a top golfing destination for both amateurs and professionals alike.

The planned expansion will see the current golf venue expand from its current 18 holes to 27 holes. The additional nine holes of golf will cover over 150 acres, making it one of the largest golf venues in the area. Notably, the investment in the expansion goes beyond just increasing the number of holes. The RTC is aiming to create a full-scale golf resort, featuring modern amenities such as a clubhouse, a pro-shop, a high-tech driving range, and new cart paths.

According to John A. Hardy, the lead architect at John Hardy Group, an architecture firm specializing in golf course design, the new 27 hole golf course will be deeply rooted in Southern tradition. Hardy emphasized that the course design will incorporate the natural environment and topography of the land without compromising the player’s comfort or compromising the integrity of the game.

The expansion plan, which is called “Phase 2” of the development, is designed to cater to serious and recreational golfers alike—with the new nine holes catering to the more experienced golfers. The expansion’s newfound challenges are set to meet the demands of golf enthusiasts with experience playing world-class courses.

In addition to the nine new holes, the clubhouse will be redesigned to offer social spaces for golfers and non-golfers alike. The clubhouse terrace will allow for outdoor events, dining, and impromptu games of golf, complementing the rest of the Ridgeland experience.

What’s more, the new pro-shop will feature an array of modern golf equipment, apparel, and accessories to keep golf enthusiasts looking their best on the green. The new driving range will offer cutting-edge technology that will allow players to perfect their swings in a more comfortable and private setting.

The expansion is expected to cost north of $10 million, with the project’s financing coming from local banks, federal loans, and private investors. The project is expected to take two to three years to complete, with the first phase set to begin later this year. The timeline for the entire project will depend on several factors, including weather, unexpected roadblocks, and other construction variables.

The effects of the Ridgeland expansion will be massive, not just for the city and state but for the entire golfing community. The new golf resort is set to create 400 new jobs in the city, both permanent and temporary positions. The finished product is set to increase the tourism industry’s revenue in the region.

Furthermore, the completion of the project will encourage an influx in golfers from around the country and even the world. The redesigned golf resort is set to host world-class golf tournaments, further showcasing Ridgeland to the world and boosting the region’s reputation as a high-end golfing destination.

This expansion’s ecological impact is also noteworthy. The project’s ecological arm will ensure that the complex remains cautious of any ecological problems and assists in maintaining environmental sustainability. The property will feature solar-powered carts, eco-friendly chemicals for the grounds, and recycling.

In summation, the Ridgeland golf venue expansion plan is a game-changer for the town and the entire region. The golf resort will help expand the local economy, create jobs, and contribute to the region’s increasing global recognition. The ambitious new phase is set to bring newfound challenges and excitement to seasoned golfers and create an unforgettable experience for local and global golf enthusiasts alike. The world looks forward to playing golf at the redesigned Ridgeland golf venue, which is all set to offer an array of world-class amenities, scenic views, and unforgettable golfing experiences.