Right-Wing Preacher Cooks Up The Most Bonkers Plea Yet For A Private Jet

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Right-Wing Preacher Cooks Up The Most Bonkers Plea Yet For A Private Jet

Proper-wing televangelist Kenneth Copeland is begging viewers to send out him money to assistance his personal jet so he won’t have to offer with coronavirus vaccine mandates to travel, which he called “the mark of the beast.”

Copeland, who in the previous has claimed that he wanted a non-public jet to steer clear of “demons” on business flights, created the declare throughout his “VICTORYthon” fundraiser on Tuesday. 

“You get into this condition, ‘We’re not gonna allow you fly unless you’re vaccinated,’” he claimed. “Well, to me, that is the mark of the beast.”

Copeland included that it was not the vaccine itself that was the mark of the beast. 

“Not the vaccination,” he claimed. “I’m not using the vaccination, but you can do what you wanna do.” 

He did not elaborate, nevertheless the implication was that it was the requirement to be vaccinated that was the mark of the beast. 

The notion comes from the Reserve of Revelation in the New Testomony, which states: “No one particular can obtain or promote who does not have the mark” ― a title or selection of the beast ― on the forehead or appropriate hand.

“Let anybody with understanding determine the variety of the beast, for it is the amount of a individual,” the guide states. “Its range is six hundred sixty-6.”  

Copeland, who owns a fleet of personal jets and an airport, also griped that he requires to fly privately for the reason that way too lots of men and women want to talk to him on professional flights. 

Kenneth Copeland argues that he needs a non-public jet due to the fact airways are imposing vaccine prerequisites and “to me, that is the Mark of the Beast.” https://t.co/pWZsRLY5PH pic.twitter.com/x0HaenznuY

— Proper Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) September 22, 2021

Copeland’s spouse and fellow minister, Gloria Copeland, produced headlines in 2018 with an anti-vaxxer rant of her individual, telling her flock not to get the flu shot. 

“Inoculate by yourself with the phrase of God,” she said, adding that the flu could be prevented by repeating: “I’ll hardly ever have the flu. I’ll hardly ever have the flu.” 

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