Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu Promises Changes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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In an job interview with The New York Times, Chaouat said she was asleep in the Marrua Hotel when she woke up to locate a further fighter on prime of her. According to the law enforcement report, read through to The Occasions, Paulo Félix Figueiró, then 37, was arrested and charged with attempted rape. Resort safety footage confirmed Figueiró entering Chaouat’s room, but he denied assaulting her, the police said. When arrived at by The Periods, Figueiró said he knew almost nothing about Combat Sporting activities.

According to Chaouat, Abreu told her that because her attacker experienced not penetrated her “it was no large offer.”

Abreu and Chaouat’s coach at the time, who operated the Combat Sports activities franchise in Casablanca, pressured her to fall the fees, Chaouat mentioned, and sensation isolated in Brazil and fearing for her safety, she complied. Chaouat named Abreu “the most important coward,” a single who guards accused fighters who “attack with out panic.”

A previous member of the Battle Sports group who participated in the camp verified in an interview that Chaouat recounted the incident, and Abreu’s reaction, to him at the time. The witness asked not to be discovered in this posting. Immediately after a assertion he made to Jassim was published in August, the witness claimed, Abreu’s father and two black belt jiu-jitsu fighters frequented his mother’s household in Brazil in an apparent try to silence him, warning that he ought to “stay out of it.”

Abreu reported he “made no this sort of statements” to Chaouat dismissing the assault and did not tension her to fall the costs towards Figueiró. As a substitute, Abreu claimed, he requested Figueiró to leave the camp. “I respect all women and I do not condone sexual misconduct, and that is why the human being concerned in her incident was expelled from the group,” Abreu stated.

Abreu’s father, also named Roberto, frequented the witness’s mother’s residence, Abreu explained, to tell the witness to end spreading “false facts about Struggle Athletics and myself.”

In Abreu’s words and phrases, jiu-jitsu’s values, as taught by him, remodel life “by assisting my learners build self-assurance by way of self-control, regard, teamwork and integrity.” But it is also a sport whose black belt instructors are on a regular basis tackled as master and professor, and according to Jassim, are seen “almost like demigods.” Jiu-jitsu’s shut-quarters coaching also erases the physical boundary in between teacher and student.