Ron Johnson Claims His Russia Fueled COVID Misinformation Is Like Science

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Sen. Ron Johnson tried to examine his Russia echoing COVID misinformation and lies to the scientific method.

Sen. Johnson tweeted:

What’s unsafe is the Biden admin and federal well being companies silencing individuals who disagree with them and offer you next views. The scientific approach is skeptical and asks thoughts – it doesn’t silence discussion.

— Senator Ron Johnson (@SenRonJohnson) November 28, 2021

Sen. Johnson, like most Republicans, no extended can grasp the concept of science. Views are not equal to science. Sen. Ron Johnson attempted to look at his echoing COVID misinformation and lies to the scientific method. are hazardous techniques of deceptive individuals into illness and demise.

The scientific system is not about inquiring queries based on conspiracy theories. The scientific system is about asking issues and then utilizing assessments to verify or disprove a hypothesis. It is about significant pondering dependent on what is provable.

Conspiracy theories are the reverse of the scientific process.

Sen. Johnson appreciates this, and his initiatives to legitimize conspiracy theories by equating them to science are misleading, unsafe, and fatal to any person who dares to think his lies.

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