Don’t tell Ted Lasso, but he’s a front runner – at the Emmy Awards anyway, Apple’s fun and calming sports spoofing Ted Lasso won the most 20 nominations in history for a freshman comedy, and was his personal best. Even better news on the sensational Season 2 streamed every Friday: Ted Coach and his AFC Richmond football team are still the bottom vulnerable.

Not that Ted (easily entertaining and luxuriously mustache Jason Sudeikis) I’m curious. “There are two buttons I don’t want to push, panic and slumber,” concluded Kansas’ folk transplant at a news conference after a particularly tragic accident in the field.

He’s still unable to protect tea in his newly adopted British country, but Ted won over almost all of the local skeptics with his disarming optimism and family wisdom. .. This is currently a dead end as the season begins with a humiliating Thai break even though the team has been downgraded to a lower notch.

Ted Lasso I lost some of the hooks that made season one so interesting. His boss, a glamorous but loving Rebecca (nominated for a great Emmy) Hannah Waddingham) does not secretly plan her new employees. Bad Boy’s teammate Jamie Tart (Phil Dancer) commits suicide as the first act of Redemption Ark in a career on a dating reality show. Sadly Retired Bergstar Player (Happy Blasphemy, Emmy Candidate, Brett Goldstein) 8 year old girl growls and laughs at the curse of being an inappropriate amateur trainer. (And wait for him to know the sports role if he tries a television expert.)

So it’s a great move to create a conflict with Ted’s charm and a vigilant sports psychologist (Sara Niles, grossly underrated) who initially resists the perpetual ginger. Even though he knows that a panic attack can happen at any time, the more it tries to penetrate his gentle gabby armor, the harder it will be for him to resist.

Your emotional tournament offers the smart and necessary balance for a show that perfectly combines saltiness and flavor with overwhelming sweetness. If Ted, like the Christmas episode that made this viewer cry, we sometimes make mistakes on the emotional side, is that that bad in? these ironic times?

Nick Mohammed, Sarah Niles, Jeremy Swift, Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt (Apple TV +)

And who doesn’t like Ted’s other Emmy-nominated ensembles? Brendan Hunt (co-producer of the series) Nick Mohammed as moody coach Beard, as anxious assistant coach “Nate the Great” – with his newly acquired authority in his head, in his (and ours) regret I’ll leave it for you – Juno Temple Hilarious marketing with (and Roy’s lovers) Keeley and Jeremy Swift A downtrodden man as Executive Mensh Higgins who walks the season like a sheep through the arena.

You are all winners. And as Ted says, “There’s just a spoonful of real soup in there.”

Ted Lasso, Season 2 Premier, Friday July 23rd, Apple TV +

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