Run, Hide, Fight – The Assignment with Audie Cornish

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The world we live in is far from perfect. With random acts of violence happening on a daily basis, it’s crucial that we equip ourselves with the necessary skills to protect ourselves and survive such circumstances. This is where “Run, Hide, Fight – The Assignment” comes in. Hosted by Audie Cornish, this educational video aims to teach individuals how to react in case of a threat.

The video starts with an introduction by Cornish, where she explains why it’s important to educate oneself on how to react during a violent situation. She emphasizes that such incidents are unpredictable and can happen anywhere, from schools to offices, making it essential to know how to react when faced with danger.

After the introduction, the video moves on to the first section, namely “Run.” This section discusses the importance of running away from danger when possible. It’s advisable to have an exit strategy in mind in advance, but if the circumstances don’t allow for it, improvisation becomes important. The video provides tips on how to run and escape, such as not stopping to help others and staying as low to the ground as possible. In addition, it’s essential to alert others and law enforcement officials about the threat.

The second section, “Hide,” focuses on the option of hiding. When running away isn’t an option, the next best thing is to hide. The video suggests finding a place to hide that’s secure and out of sight, such as a locked room that’s inaccessible to the attacker. It’s important to stay quiet and turn off all electronic devices that could potentially alert the attacker. Furthermore, if possible, try to barricade the door and arm oneself with improvised weapons.

Finally, the last section is “Fight.” In this section, the video discusses what to do when hiding and running away isn’t an option. The video suggests fighting back as a last resort. The aim of fighting isn’t to win but to survive. The video provides tips on how to fight, such as attacking vulnerable areas like the eyes and throat, and improvising weapons from everyday objects around the surroundings.

Overall, this video is an excellent resource for anyone looking to educate themselves on how to react in dangerous situations. Hosted by Audie Cornish, the video is engaging and informative. The use of simple language and personal pronouns makes it easy for anyone to follow along. It’s reassuring to know that there are simple techniques one can learn to protect oneself and survive a violent situation.

The “Run, Hide, Fight” approach is used globally and has helped save countless lives. The video is a great resource for schools, corporations, and any organization looking to educate its stakeholders on how to better prepare themselves during such incidents.

The video takes into consideration that different situations require different approaches. For instance, depending on the scenario, hiding may be the best option or fighting back may be the most effective course of action. It’s important to know when to use which approach and when to combine the two.

Throughout the video, Audie Cornish emphasizes the importance of preparedness. Being prepared means having an escape plan in place, knowing where the exits are, and communicating with others. It also means being mentally prepared and having a survival mindset.

In conclusion, while we hope we never find ourselves in a dangerous situation, it’s important to be prepared. “Run, Hide, Fight – The Assignment” is an excellent resource for anyone looking to educate themselves on how to react in such situations. The video is engaging, informative, and provides practical tips that could potentially save lives. Remember, being safe starts with being prepared.