SEAN HANNITY: Putin’s aggression against America has now reached a ‘dangerous’ new height

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Fox News host Sean Hannity called it “no accident” after a Russian jet collided with a U.S. drone in international airspace over the Black Sea on Tuesday. 

SEAN HANNITY: Tonight, reckless aggression in the skies. A US Reaper drone operating over international waters above the Black Sea, downed by a Russian fighter jet – Two of them, SU-27 aircraft. They flew dangerously close to our unmanned drone. Now, Putin’s thugs then dump fuel on our drone several times before then finally ramming its propeller and then sending our $14 million aircraft into the sea below. Now, some reports claim that the collision was not intentional and that the Russian pilots, they were just provocative and incompetent amateurs. Make no mistake, this was no accident. And I can guarantee you that Vladimir Putin personally signed off on this military aggression. 


We can’t allow this to happen. Russia and Putin’s hostility and aggression against our country, the United States has now reached a dangerous new height. Now, tonight, the question is this ‘What will your president, Joe Biden, do?’ Is he going to offer maybe another waiver for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline? Put more sanctions in place? Putin’s not going to care because he’s selling his energy and getting filthy rich by selling it to China, the rest of the world and making a fortune in large part because your president, Joe Biden, has artificially reduced the world’s supply of energy by giving up on almost all domestic energy production. Last year, the Saudis, they made a whopping record $161 billion in profit from oil and gas, because we artificially reduce the world supply because Joe is giving in to the climate alarmists cult. Now Joe is importing oil from another hostile regime, Venezuela. And we’re going to now make their thug dictator rich. 

So again, I ask what, Joe, are you going to do? Joe Biden, you are the President of the United States. You are the commander in chief. The sad reality is it looks like you will do nothing. CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP