Sean Hannity: The Communist Party of China is a malignant threat to America and the globe

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Fox News host Sean Hannity blasted the Biden administrations lack of transparency as Communist China threatens the world as they ramp up surveillance and the security threat with new satellite support from Antarctica.

SEAN HANNITY: Tonight, more direct threats from the Communist Party of China. You would think that they’re the ones that shot down our spy balloon at this point, the way they’re acting. On top of more promises of surveillance against us, more spying against us, more hostility in the Pacific, and more pollution and more death and more suffering. Don’t forget, it was China that created COVID-19. They unleashed it on the world knowingly. Over a million Americans died, in part because of China. If your parents died, your grandparents died, your friends, family members died, it’s maybe because of that country’s sloppy, authoritarian government. Make no mistake, the Communist Party of China is a malignant threat to America and the globe. But the Biden administration will not hold them accountable for anything. Raises questions how much money They’re doing business with them. They won’t even dare say a bad word about China. Now, some on the left more angry that when President Trump called COVID the China Virus, then the fact that the government of China, remember, they only allowed people in Wuhan. They could travel to the rest of the world, but they weren’t allowed to travel inside of China. And if you were outside of Wuhan, you couldn’t fly into Wuhan. That was the first travel ban. 


And meanwhile, the current White House is doing nothing about the hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland that China is buying up, often near our U.S. military installations. They don’t seem to care about the 800% increase in Chinese nationals coming across our southern border. There have been 900 apprehensions since December alone, and they are definitely not stopping China from paying off American universities with millions and millions of dollars in donations, including you got it, The University of Pennsylvania, the home of the U Penn Biden Center.

Now, the Biden administration is also ignoring China’s military expansion into Antarctica. Now, they wouldn’t even shoot down a Chinese spy balloon as it hovered over our nuclear sites and military bases for days on end. This week, we’re being told that the U.S. actually tracked the balloon. This is what they’re telling us now from its very origin when it took off from China. That is not what we were told last week. But if that is true, that raises a whole set of new questions. Meaning, why did Joe Biden wait eight days to take it down before it actually flew over Alaska airspace and Idaho and our ICBM missile sites in Montana and other military installations and allow it to fly over states like Missouri and Kansas and Kentucky all the way to the East Coast in the Carolinas. Apparently, Biden just what didn’t think it was a major breach.