Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Facebook As A Threat To Democracy

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) mentioned that Facebook is a threat to democracy, and it is time for the social media huge to be broken up.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls for the break up of Facebook, “The reason you break up these significant monopolies is partly for financial motives, create competitors, but it can be partly simply because they pose a genuine political risk to the survival of a democracy. It is time to split up Facebook.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 26, 2021

Sen. Warren explained on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber:

The only way we’re likely to maintain them accountable is to crack them up. I comprehend there are people who say, effectively, it’s possible we could control them a little much better, set far more cops on the conquer. Look, I’m not opposed to that. It is just not more than enough to get the career done. We require to break them up. The way we crack them up. It is kind of like with the phone organization. You know how you can get in touch with me and I can contact you even if we don’t use the exact same telephone carriers? We require to do the identical thing with our social media, I can simply call you and you can connect with me. At the time we make that function and break them apart, now you’ve acquired 10 vendors for the social media services, 50 vendors for our social media solutions. That signifies I can decide on one that says  I’m not heading to be advertising your facts to any individual else. The consequence of that is to make the marketplace perform far better. 

The 2nd consequence is to deprive Facebook of the form of enormous power that it now has. Assume what it suggests that Fb is scooping in information and facts from just about every one of our exchanges, scooping it in and making use of it for its own benefit, for promoting, for providing to 3rd parties. Shoot, for actively playing footsie with dictators about the environment. We require to crack that up. I go back again to Teddy Roosevelt who claimed the reason you split up these major monopolies is partly for financial motives, create competitiveness, but it is partly because they pose a real political danger to the survival of a democracy. It is time to break up Facebook. 

Fb profited off of and promoted proper-wing websites that drive propaganda and disinformation that threaten democracy. Fb is so huge that Mark Zuckerberg desires people to believe that he can’t handle his very own platform.

If this is the case, Sen. Warren is correct. For the fantastic of democracy, the federal federal government should step in and crack up Fb.

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