Sen. Ted Cruz: Blood will be spilled over the Biden administration’s mistakes in Afghanistan

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In the earlier thirty day period, we have witnessed President Joe Biden and his leading officers preside more than the worst overseas policy catastrophe in a generation. Us residents throughout the country are horrified, and our servicemen and girls are offended, disillusioned, and pissed off. Our allies are dispirited, and our enemies across the world are emboldened, which can make the environment more dangerous right now for America. 

At any time due to the fact the catastrophe began unfolding in Afghanistan, we’ve seen the Biden administration display ideological extremism and manifest incompetence, and dodge their duty to give the American men and women answers as to why they failed so catastrophically in Afghanistan. 

This is exactly what occurred when Secretary Antony Blinken testified this week prior to the Senate Overseas Relations Committee, a committee on which I provide. 

In my questioning of Secretary Blinken, I laid out four selections the Biden administration created that have been totally indefensible. 


Quantity a single, the Biden administration abandoned Bagram Airfield—before the evacuation of Americans and Afghans—and gave it to the Taliban. 

One hundred a long time from now, that final decision will be researched at war colleges as a colossal strategic oversight. 

Providing up secure airfields, necessitating an evacuation from a business airport in a dense city surroundings, tragically led to the suicide bombings that murdered 13 American servicemen and women. 

For officers in the Biden administration to imagine that the Taliban desires to be welcomed into the community of civilized nations betrays either their radical ideological extremism or a hopeless naiveté. 

Experienced we been evacuating from Bagram with a protected perimeter, the odds are rather significant that attack possibly would not have happened or if it took place, it would have been much a lot less intense in its consequences. 

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Quantity two, the Biden administration designed the decision to depart hundreds and perhaps countless numbers of Us residents behind Taliban lines, and tens of 1000’s of Afghans who assisted the U.S. army. 

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Selection three, the Biden administration remaining at the rear of billions of pounds of American navy tools the Taliban will now use to threaten American life. 

In the hearing, Secretary Blinken explained that none of that tools “poses a strategic risk to us or their neighbors.” That basically does not go the snicker check when the Taliban are the new house owners of likely 64,000 equipment guns, 33 Blackhawk helicopters, 16,000 pairs of night-eyesight goggles. 


Sadly, I believe we will see American blood spilled because of these silly mistakes. 

Quantity four, there were being reports that the Biden administration gave the names of People and Afghans we have been striving to evacuate to the Taliban, and instances of little one brides and sexual abuse of kids between the evacuees brought into the United States by the Condition Department.

This is what I focused my questioning on with Secretary Blinken—whether or not both report was real. While he tried out to keep away from answering the two of my questions immediately, Secretary Blinken ultimately had to admit that the administration DID give the Taliban lists with names of Americans and Afghans they had been hoping to evacuate, and that they DID import child brides to the United States. 

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These are enormous admissions from the Secretary of State, and they spotlight just how ideologically serious and incompetent the Biden administration is. 

Even more, I famous to Secretary Blinken, that he, alongside with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Team Mark Milley have all talked about steps they assume the Taliban want to make to be welcomed into the local community of civilized nations. 

For officials in the Biden administration to feel that the Taliban wishes to be welcomed into the neighborhood of civilized nations betrays possibly their radical ideological extremism or a hopeless naiveté. 

The real truth is that the Taliban does not want to be welcomed into the group of civilized nations they are vicious terrorists who want to eliminate us. 

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Regretably, simply because of the catastrophic faults the Biden administration manufactured in Afghanistan, we are considerably extra at risk for deadly attacks by the Taliban—or al Qaeda, which Pentagon officials estimate could regroup in Afghanistan in the following 12 months or two. 

It is a disgrace, and the fault lies straight with President Joe Biden and his administration. 

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