Shania Twain weighs in on ‘loving my aging body’

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Shania Twain weighs in on ‘loving my aging body’

Shania Twain has just worn her heart on her sleeve and shed some light into her desire to ‘love herself’ as is, before her skin gets ‘even saggier’.

These admissions have been made by the singer, during the course of her interview with The Mirror.

There, Twain recounted her journey with self-acceptance and self-confidence, and even added how ‘long it all took’ to come full circle.

The That Don’t Impress Me Much singer started by telling the outlet, “I was freaking out inside but nobody knew it.”

“Now, I look at myself naked and I like the honesty about myself.”

In the past, “There were times I did like turning the lights off as all I could see were the imperfections so I said, ‘OK, how can I face this and get this to a point where I accept it?’”

In order to achieve this zen attitude towards her changing body, Twain wound up doing a photography session where she stripped down to her bare bones.

This offered her the chance to “find a more healthy and realistic perspective on myself.”

“I say you should look in the mirror and be fine with that,” she urged her fans as well, before adding, “I am only going to get older and saggier – if I hate myself now then what state am I going to be in in five or 10 years?”