Shannon Sharpe: Joel Embiid is tired of hearing about Ben Simmons not wanting to play with him; it’s over I UNDISPUTED

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Ben Simmons is officially a holdout at the Philadelphia 76ers’ instruction camp and he reportedly thinks his partnership with Joel Embiid has quotation: ‘Run its training course.’ Embiid was asked about this yesterday, and his response claims it all. He claimed quotation: ‘Our group has normally been crafted close to his requires, so it was type of surprising to see that..I’m actually concentrated on the guys that are right here. The predicament is strange, disappointing, borderline sort of disrespectful to all of the fellas that are out right here fighting for their lives.’ Shannon Sharpe reacts to Embiid’s reviews and describes what this implies for the 76ers and Simmons.

AN HOUR AGO・Skip and Shannon: Undisputed・1:54