Shannon Sharpe reacts to Steve Ballmer warning Lakers fans that Clippers are “coming” for them I UNDISPUTED

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In an interview with the LA Situations, Clippers owner Steve Ballmer opened up about his team’s rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers, indicating estimate: ‘For a very long time the Clippers were nothing at all, so no person had to pay back notice, and for people today who had been Lakers enthusiasts permanently, there is no danger… Effectively, we’ve gotten quite good… We’re really severe, you can see we’re critical, we’re not the previous screwed-up franchise in town… We’re coming. We’re not inexpensive and crappy. We’re in.’ Listen to what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Steve Ballmer’s opinions.

3 Hrs AGO・Skip and Shannon: Undisputed・2:17