Sian Proctor Is the First Black Woman to Pilot a Spacecraft

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Sian Proctor, 51, is a local community higher education professor from Tempe, Ariz.

Dr. Proctor, who is African American and retains a doctorate in science education, experienced come shut to becoming an astronaut the aged-fashioned way. She stated that in 2009, she was amid 47 finalists whom NASA selected from 3,500 applications. The place company chose 9 new astronauts that yr. Dr. Proctor was not just one of them.

She applied 2 times a lot more and was not even amongst the finalists.

She continue to pursued her room goals in other ways. In 2013, Dr. Proctor was 1 of six people who lived for 4 months in a smaller building on the facet of a Hawaiian volcano, element of an work financed by NASA to review the isolation and stresses of a lengthy trip to Mars.

She is the pilot on the Inspiration4 mission, the to start with Black female to serve as the pilot of a spacecraft.