Skip Bayless on Vic Fangio criticising the Ravens going for rushing record: It gave me pause to hear him say that I UNDISPUTED

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With three seconds to go in a 23-7 victory, the Baltimore Ravens intercepted the Denver Broncos in the endzone, and John Harbaugh called a quarterback operate for Lamar Jackson to tie an NFL file with their 43rd straight match of 100 yards hurrying. Vic Fangio said estimate: ‘It was type of bulls***. I just know how they work. That’s just their manner of procedure there. Player protection is secondary.’ Harbaugh responded quotation: ‘So you’re throwing the ball in the end zone with 10 seconds left, I never know that there is a 16-place touchdown that is gonna be probable suitable there…so like I said what is significant to us could not be meaningful to them…’ Skip Bayless shares who he sides with in this end result.